10 things to know this week

The overwhelming affliction of managing one’s  stress can be very challenging. Identifying your triggers (stress) may be the first start.



                   There are various triggers such as work, death, divorce or loss of a job. Stress has been a constant fight for me, but a fight I feel I have to fight. Secondly, find out what helps best with your stress.(some exercise, listen to music,  sound therapy, supplements, aromatherapy, relaxation and meditation, yoga, mineral therapy, doctor prescribe medications.

with vision problems 

I’ve been dealing

and handling it the only way I know how

for more info click here

Things that help me through my spasms



3 thoughts on “10 things to know this week

  1. Hello there,

    I was blown away reading some of your posts.The one about stress I related to straight away. I know a woman who was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and would like to learn more about this debilitating disease so I can be informed and maybe I can help my friend and others that are suffering in some way. I would think stress might make everything worse and believe it could even be the initial cause of some diseases…

    I am interested to know what you think about that too. I hope you are having a good day today.


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