4 years of being a slave to Multiple Sclerosis to 3 years of PEACE

354261973-free-freedom-inspirational-inspire-Favim_com-640754my first four years were the worse, I  was constantly in the hospital. Done heard everything from you’re going to die, to you’re never going to walk. 

                                  Constantly hearing things like that made me super depressed and really put me in a very dark place.

But through it all, I continue and push myself … no, it’s not easy.  But really, what in life is really easy without practice and repetition???

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be doing various different things.  From quick workouts to quick healthy meals.

September 18  is 3 years for me no Dr’s … No taking of Medication (with worse side effects) and truthfully I was in the emergency room hospital more while on these Dr prescribed medications. Now it’s been 3 yrs with few hospital visits…   



Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis will not hold me down


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2 thoughts on “4 years of being a slave to Multiple Sclerosis to 3 years of PEACE

  1. Very interesting my friend. I am 37 and have had multiple sclerosis since I was 18. But symptoms since I was 4. It is been a long road but I got stem cells. I wish you all the best health and happiness along this road with this horrible disease. If you can afford it or want to go the benefit and fundraising route stem cells are what helped me. They are the only things that have that ever worked.

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